Specialized Services. ECCS has some specialized services to offer their customers. Implementation and automation of Corporate Anti virus Software. We provide server support for Windows NT and Windows 2000.

In today's market, technology is an integral part of your business progress and prosperity. As service professionals, we will use all of our experience , knowledge, skills and superior service to keep your company running smoothly. Your best interest is our best interest.

Our recommendations and solutions are fast, focused and financially sound. We can insure quality, reliability, standardization and integrity with all of your decisions regarding technology - today, and in the future.

Telephone 920-921-ECCS (3227)

Postal Address P.O. Box 2354 Fond du Lac, WI 54936

This also includes the hardware and software for automating and maintaining the tasks on the server.

Computer Services. We provide all around general support from software to hardware implementation. This allows us to act as a virtual computer support staff for small business owners.

Computer Network Wiring. ECCS provides installation of a wired network. This includes design and implementation of network wiring and testing of circuits to provide a reliable base to your company's system.